February 19, 2008

In the flow

Only death is constant. Life keeps twirling, shifting, undulating, evolving... Our only choice is between Resistance and Flow. How mindfully do we choose, at any given moment?

As a teen girl in Israel, a tampon ad promised that using it will make "every day of the month be the same!" At the time I though it a good thing, to become linear. I don't anymore.

Having every day of my month be the same means resisting the flow, obstructing it until my body cries with PMS symptoms. I never used to have physical aches or pains, but I sure was irritable during my monthly bleedings. When I started reclaiming my Moon Time as the spiritual resource that it is, I began to take the first day of my period off, in order to hibernate, rest, delve-in, create, rejuvenate... To my astonishment all irritability disappeared . There was no one to be irritable with...

My Moon Time is sacred whether I take time to honor it or not.
Having discovered how deeply revered and celebrated menstruation was, in every indigenous culture around the world, I have been deepening my journey, finding insights, creativity, wisdom, and solace in it, for many years now. It has become such an integrated part of my life, that "moon flow" is part of my seven-year-old daughter's vocabulary. She is used to the fact that my flow returns,
like the seasons, in a familiar and predictable rhythm. I trust that as she grows up she will have no reason to resist the ebb and flow nature of being a women, nor her menstrual flow, because moving, shifting, and cycling have always been natural to her. They are life itself.


Lea said...

DeAnna, welcome to Bloglandia!

This is wonderful to have these inspirations, your wise words and heart work helping women and men to reclaim our cycles and connection with our bodies and the earth...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

DeAnna dear friend,
What an inspiration you are! Your willingness to introduce (again) our sacred bleeding to generations of women who have forgotten is a gift that will keep giving to the generations to come.
Blessings, honor, and THANKS for all you are and do!